Independent bookshops

We have built the world’s first network of digital out of home screens in independent bookshops

Key benefits:

  • Targeted audience: affluent, educated, local audience

  • Specific mindset: like with our other targeted networks, we know why the audience is there

  • Engagement: customers tend to feel love for their bookshop, and stick to the same one spending huge amounts of time in them

  • Huge dwell time: some customers will spend up to an hour inside

  • National coverage: we only have 25 screens as part of our pilot launch network, but have a good spread across the UK

bookshop screens

We have built a network of 65cm screens inside independent bookshops.

The network gives advertisers the chance to engage the largely local, and fiercely loyal, audience.

The audience tends to be educated and affluent, and most are actively looking for inspiration as to what to buy when they make their visit, perfect for trying to get new products in to their repertoire even if they are not book related.

At the end of 2020 we installed a screen in the window of a local bookshop, really out of curiosity to see if/how it worked, off the back of a visit to buy Christmas presents for my family. It was a resounding success for the shop with customers giving positive comments and the shop’s manager loving how it gave a dynamic aspect to the shop window.

Fast forward four months and we’ve built a network of 25 shops each with at least one screen in. I say at least because some of the shops have two, one in the window and another inside, giving multiple opportunities for the shop and advertisers to target passers by, window shoppers and customers actually inside the shop.

As you might expect there are restrictions on the type of advertising we are able to carry (no gambling, no online booksellers, no book chains etc.) but please drop us a line on if you would like to have a chat about the network.

Coverage map: